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Our New Compact Powerhouse: Introducing BM12-2

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our acclaimed Barrier Master range—the groundbreaking Barrier Master BM 12-2.This innovative model seamlessly integrates the formidable power of our flagship BM15-2 series, boasting an impressive 15 tonnes of pulling power and a full metre of pulling stroke, all within a compact design nearly as streamlined as our smaller BM10-2 range.

Developed with contractor needs in mind, the BM 12-2 offers unmatched flexibility. It provides the immense power required for challenging post extractions without the extensive footprint of the BM15-2. This makes it ideal for situations where extracting massive concrete foundations is not required. This new model can effortlessly handle posts with substantial foundations up to 1 metre in diameter, while the BM15-2 remains the go-to for larger 1.5-metre foundations.

Versatility is at the core of the BM 12-2’s design. It is engineered to tackle a wide array of posts beyond Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS), including lighting columns, solar piles, fencing, and more. The Barrier Master series represents the pinnacle of safety and efficiency in post extraction, eliminating manual handling and the associated hazards of traditional methods. Remarkably, it operates ten times faster than conventional extraction techniques.

Barrier Master continues to set the standard for safe and efficient post extraction. With the introduction of the BM 12-2, we are proud to offer contractors a powerful, compact solution that meets their diverse needs.

For more information on the Barrier Master BM 12-2 and our full range of products, please visit our website or contact our sales team.

A quote from Chris Gill, Director, Lynch Plant Hire and Haulage Ltd:

“Check out our brand new BM12-2E Barrier Master in action! Our latest investment is now on hire to a valued customer in South Yorkshire for a highways project. The BM12-2E Barrier Master is a game-changer in safety and efficiency, negating the need for manual post-removal methods.

Robust, reliable, and low-maintenance, ensuring seamless operation and minimal downtime. Enhances productivity, getting the job done quickly and efficiently. At Lynch, we pride ourselves on our modern and reliable fleet of plant machinery and attachments.”

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