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An Exciting Collaboration with Travis Perkins

We are delighted to announce that major national tool hire company Travis Perkins has taken Fence Master into their extensive hire fleet. This exciting collaboration will allow customers to get their fencing materials and hire equipment from the same supplier. With Travis Perkins Tool Hire centres spanning the entire country, Fence Master will now be even more accessible for customers.

“By adding the PostPuller to our Hire Fleet, it allows us to offer our customers a safe and quick method of extracting fence posts from the ground. This now allows Travis Perkins to offer equipment that would previously have been carried out by use of either an electric or petrol driven breaker. This can help our customers reduce their Hand Arm Vibration exposure, becoming as low as possible, and assist in reducing their Carbon Footprint as the machine is powered by hand. As the majority of the unit is made from metal, it will allow us to ensure at the end of the machine’s life, it can be recycled and put back into new forms of metal.”  Andy Lawrence | Travis Perkins Hire Compliance Manager

With their outstanding reputation for high-quality machinery, Travis Perkins upholds rigorous standards when testing equipment. They scrutinised our product thoroughly to consider its ROI, build quality, residual value, and achievable hire rates. Sustainability was high on their list of importance. Like Travis Perkins, Postpullers aspire to a greener future when manufacturing our products. Fence Master has recently been nominated for the Innovation Eco-Trail Award for its sustainable design.

Not only is it environmentally conscious, but Fence Master also offers an impressive ROI. Together with exceptionally long service life, it maintains good resale value due to its high built quality. Our machine is 97.4 % recyclable, but its long lifespan reduces the energy needed to recycle. We proudly manufacture entirely in the UK which also reduces production miles.

Fence Master provides a revolutionary alternative to the laborious work required to remove fence posts and foundations. Posts can easily be removed in under a minute, saving customers time and back-breaking effort. Even if the post is broken off, the concrete foundation can still be extracted. Compared to traditional methods, Fence Master leaves a hole that is ready for the next post and has not been made bigger. With this in mind, Fence Master saves concrete too.

We look forward to a prosperous future with Travis Perkins. If you would like to know more about hiring, or have a question about any of our machines, get in touch using our online enquiry form, or call us on 01604 420425.

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