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How can I safely remove a fence post?

If you’re a fencer, gardener, landscaper, or just somebody doing some outdoor DIY, you’ve likely encountered the problem of how to remove fence posts. Posts come in all shapes and sizes, all with different weights, widths and footings. Therefore, deciding on the safest way to remove them is always a challenge. Digging out a fence post by hand is not only backbreaking work, but it also takes time, and for most of us, it’s important to get jobs done as quickly as possible – particularly if you are on a commercial project. Moreover, removing the fence post itself is often only the first challenge: the next challenge is removing its footing too.

Here at Postpullers UK, we are the specialists when it comes to fence post removal, and our award-winning Fence Master provides a solution to the age-old task. We’re here to discuss some of the different ways you can remove a post, and how our machine might make things a little easier. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Dig it by hand

It goes without saying, digging a post out by hand is one of the most obvious methods. Since time began, using a spade to dig a post out rarely fails to get the job done. However, there are several reasons why this traditional method might be getting a little out of date in today’s world. Firstly, digging by hand requires significant strength and effort. More importantly, it needs time. If you opt for this method, it’s not unusual for the job to take several hours. If you’ve got more than one post to remove, the job can feel particularly overwhelming.

Use a digger

One solution to fence post removal is to use a machine to do the job. Hiring a digger to dig a hole is a viable solution; this will undoubtedly remove the backbreaking effort required from manually digging it yourself. However, hiring heavy-duty equipment such as a digger can be expensive, and seems a little excessive for digging holes that are relatively small in size.

Use Fence Master

If you’re looking for a solution that takes away the problems associated with traditional fence removal methods, then look no further than Fence Master. Fence Master uses hydraulic power to pull the post stump out of the ground, with minimal effort required from the user. Once the post is removed, simply wheel it away. Using Fence Master reduces the overall time spent removing the post by a significant amount, removing it in an incredible 2 minutes. This can save some serious time if you’ve got many posts to remove in one day. Watch it in action here.

Use Fence Master’s Claw Attachment

Not only does Fence Master provide a solution to removing the fence post, but it can remove the footing too. Fence Master’s claw attachment can be used in conjunction with Fence Master to grab concrete footings and safely remove them too. Watch it in action here

At Postpullers, we are the specialists when it comes to fence post removal, and our award-winning Fence Master provides a solution to the age-old task. For more information about Fence Master, or to find out the nearest hire station from you, get in touch with us using our online enquiry form, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 01604 420425. We look forward to hearing from you!

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